Kostelní No. 167

Kostelní no. 167, overview Location:
Kostelní No. 167

Description of the Building:
A one-storey building with two axis, the front has four axis and a flat facade. On the ground floor is situated a granite portal with a skived edge. On the first floor between the windows is placed a painted coat-of-arms with the Rosenberg rose. On the ground floor is a hall with a staircase, on the right are rooms with flat ceilings. In the back aisle are two barrel-vaulted sections. Other sections in the house have flat ceilings. In the cellar is a secondarily embedded saddle portal.

Architectural and Historical Development:
The house originated probably in the Gothic period, when it was added to the town fortification, still preserved on the ground floor. Further reconstruction was carried out in the Rennaissance period. From other constructions the most serious was probably in 1960, when a great deal of the preserved historical details were devastated and the historical value of the house decreased.

Kostelní no. 167, portal  History of the House Residents:
The first known owner of the house was a furrier Ondrášek, who stayed there from 1500 to the end of the 1520\'s. A baker Lukeš lived there shortly and then sold it to a shoemaker Partl in 1532. In 1581 a tailor Pitner sold the house to Bartoloměj Habenstier. In the 1590\'s the house was bought by Jan Puffer, who lived there with his wife Mariana to 1610, when Leonard Riegl moved there. From 1660 the house belonged to a stationer Hans Pühler, who was followed by Matyáš Waschenpelz. From 1681 the stationer´s trade was run there by Matyáš Pascher. A tailor Jan Reutter lived in the house after him and then from 1694 a brickmaker Jan Pott. In the years 1703 - 1733 a royal official Jan Petr Muscherl stayed in the house, followed by a stationer Řehoř Forko for the following three years. From 1736 to 1787 the house was owned by gunsmiths Ondřej and Bartoloměj Schmidt.

Present Use:
Ladies\' hairdressers\' - Vlasta