Kostelní No. 166

Kostelní no. 166, accommodations Pártlová Location:
Kostelní No. 166

Description of the Building:
A one-storey house with two axis, a triangle gable, inarticulated front and an oblong stone stucco portal. A mezzanine was added in the back part of the high ground floor with the entrance hall, where a basement is with one vaulted section, the back elevation of which is created by the town wall. All other rooms have flat ceilings.

Architectural and Historical Development:
The house appeared in the town register quite late, in about 1532. It was established, similarly as the other neighbouring houses, by adding to the main town wall which originates from the 13th century. The wall still exists on the ground floor of the house. The peripheral masonry of the ground floor and the two-aisle with the vaulted section in the back part of it have been preserved from the original construction. The remaining parts of the house were radically rebuilt in the periods of Rennaissance and Classicism in the 1770\'s, when a new inner layout was created. This layout was completed in the 1950\'s by division walls.

History of the House Residents:
From 1532 the house belonged to a certain Paytl, who was followed by Kryštof Neustetter in 1566. In 1615 it was taken over by his son Kryštof, who lived there to 1625. A shopkeeper Urban Turban became the owner of the house in the same year. He moved to the house no. 69 in Kájovská street in 1636. The house no. 166 was obtained by a maltster Řehoř Schmelzer who lived there to 1658. The following owner was a carpenter Jiří Gartl and from 1689 a braid-maker Jan Jiří Lützenburger. His family lived there to 1744, when a tailor Jan Stifter moved there. His son Šimon, who stayed there in the years 1777 - 1784, was also a tailor. The house then belonged to a shoemaker Jan Jiří Hirnschrott to 1829, whose family stayed in the house to at least the 1840\'s.

Present Use:
Accomodations Pártlová