Horní Gate - Upper Gate

Horní Gate, Rudolf Thür, drawing from 1914 - 1916 The southern road to town used to be protected by the Upper Gate which stood at the end of the bridge and divided the Jesuit seminary buildings (today´s District Museum of National History - Horní No. 152) from the Jesuit Theater building (part of today´s Hotel Růže - Horní No. 153). Its existence has been proven since 1497. It was the highest gate in town (31.5 m) and had a small bell on top of the tower which measured the working hours to the miners in nearby silver mines. Wooden and maybe partly draw-bridge on stone piers originally led towards the gate. The bridge was in 1787 replaced for stone bridge. Even though it was one of the most important and main town gates that served for festive entrances of aristocratic visitors, it was one of the first to be pulled down in 1839. Upper Gate was significant dominant of Český Krumlov Old Town therefore we can find it on all contemporary vistas of Český Krumlov from the South so we exactly know its appearance.


The Upper Gate at the turn of th 18th and  19th century compared with apearance in 1998. Autor: V. Codl

Petr Antonín Anneis (?), Český Krumlov under saint patrons protection, Antependium from the chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows on Hill of the Cross, Český Krumlov, about 1700 (1727-1728 ?), oil painting on canvas, state before restoration