The Eggenbergs

..The Eggenbergs ranked among the most significant noble families in Austrian as well as in Czech lands. They came to Bohemia from Styria during the Thirty Year's War in the 17th century.

Johann Ulrich von Eggenberg gained the Český Krumlov castle in 1622 from Emperor Ferdinand II. for services rendered and as a compensation for debts. His son Johann Anton I. von Eggenberg took part in the diplomatic journey to the Vatican where he informed the Pope Urban VIII. of the election of the new Roman Emperor. For this journey he had the Golden Carriage made, nowadays part of the exposition of Český Krumlov castle. It was Anton's son Johann Christian I. von Eggenberg who managed to get familiarised with the Bohemian milieu and who chose the Český Krumlov castle as his residence. He therefore decided to rebuild the castle in Baroque style. Art, music, theatre, painting and architecture flourished at his court. Because he didn't live to see any descendants from his marriage with Marie Arnoštka zu Schwarzenberg, and because the Styrian branch died out at the beginning of the 18th century, the entire ample Eggenberg possession was passed over to their closest relatives, the Schwarzenbergs. They owned a number of other dominions in South Bohemia such as Prachatice, Netolice, Vimperk, Chýnov, Orlík or Zvíkov. They coined their own coins from 1625.

Eggenberg stamp, foto: Josef Prokopec