Theobald Hock from Zweibrücken

(1573 - asi 1625 ) Rosenberg secretary and poet

Theobald Hock was born in Dolní Falc and came to Bohemia around 1598 - 1599. In the beginning of the 1600\'s he left for South Bohemia and began working as a German secretary at the court of Peter Wok von Rosenberg. Shortly after moving to Český Krumlov he published his first poetic collection. He compiled suggestions of Latin humanism and temperament Italian lyrics, both in German. Theobald Hock was responsible for the sovereign\'s German correspondence and together with Václav Březan took care of completion of the books. In 1610 Petr Vok gave him the fortresses in Žumberk and Chvalkov by Nové Hrady.

Theobald Hock from Zweibrucken, signature

In 1617 Theobald Hock received a summons to appear before the Czech court office and was accused of falsification of papers documenting the supposed aristocracic origin of his family. Žumberk fortress was confiscated by court decree. There is no evidence of his stay in the Czech kingdom after 1619.