Dr. Franz Isidor Proschko

(1816 - 1891) poet and writer

Franz Isidor Proschko was born on April 2, 1816 in Vyšší Brod. He attended general school in Vyšší Brod, from 1828 continued his studies in gymnazium in České Budějovice, and later attended the university in Prague, where he studied state and civil law. Afterwards, he entered work in 1842 as a functionary at the police headquarters in Linz. After a time he advanced to higher positions, until in 1865 was transferred to the headquarters in Styrian Graz, then in 1867 the the police headquarters in Vienna. His career reached its peak as a member of the police council in 1878, where he worked until his retirement in 1883. In the meantime, Proschko took his degree at the Hessen Ludwig Academy in Gissen as a PhD. in philosophy and a Master\'s of free art, and in 1857 at the Empirical-Royal University in Vienna as a Doctor of Law. Altogether seventy-five works flowed from his pen - collections of poems, historical novels, and novellas. Among the most significant include Die Höllenmaschine (1854), Der Jesuit (1857), Ein böhmischer Student (1861), Der Letzte der Rosenberger (1861) and Ein Hexenprozess. He was awarded many times for his activities. He received the Golden Meritorious Cross with a Crown, the Great Medal with a portrait and motto of the Emperor, was awarded the Great Gold Medal by Franz Josef I. for art and science, and the Order of St. George by Pope Pious. He died on April 6, 1891 in his Vienna home, on which is now placed a memorial plaque. Another plaque is located on his family home in Vyšší Brod.