František Navrátil

(1903 - 1974) Archivist

He studied at the College of Philosophy in the Prague university and graduated as a secondary school professor in history and geography, but he did not teach. He worked for a short period of time in the Archives of the National Museum in Prague and in the Schwarzenberg Archives in Třeboň. In 1945 he came to the former Schwarzenberg Central Archives in Český Krumlov.

František Navrátil, group photo - second from the left, foto: J.Záloha

Later, from 1958 to 1970, he was director of a branch of the State Archives in Třeboň. From 1946 - 1958 he worked as a district preserver of the National Trust in Kaplice, then from 1959 to 1970 in the Český Krumlov district. He excelled as a versatile expert in the history of his native Počátky district and of the Český Krumlov district. His likely most praiseworthy activity was a competition of the "List of national literature of the Český Krumlov district" (1970). His very plentiful publishing activity is described by Jiří Záloha in the "List of the work of archivist František Navrátil", Jihočeský sborník historický, 32, 1963, p. 196 - 200 and in the seventieth work of archivist František Navrátil (supplement to the list of his work), Jihočeský sborník historický, 42, 1973, p. 172 - 175.