Bohuslav Balbín

(1621 - 1688) Czech baroque Jesuit historian, well educated

Zlatá Koruna school, classroom aid from 18th century, portrait of Bohuslav Balbín He came from a not-very-wealthy middle class catholic family. Educated mostly in the Jesuit schools, he soon joined the Jesuit religion. After finishing studies in philosophy, he taught in the Jesuit colleges in Prague, Třeboň, Brno, Jičín, Jindřichův Hradec and Český Krumlov where he lived at Horní no. 154. He thus wrote several textbooks and didactic theatre plays. At that time he also became acquainted with historical sources of archives and libraries. His biggest historic and homeland study work is "Varieties from the History of the Czech Kingdom" ("Rozmanitosti z historie Království českého"). The most famous work of this well educated man is the patriotic treatise "In Defense of the Slavonic language, especially Czech" ("Obrana jazyka slovanského, zvláště pak českého").


Bohuslav Balbín, portrait Bohuslav Balbín