Baldassare Maggi d' Arogno

(around 1550 - 1619) Renaissance architect and builder

Baldassare Maggi of Arogna came to Bohemia from Arogna (Ticino, Switzerland) around 1575 and began work very soon. He was in the service of the Rosenbergs as well as the nobility from Hradec. He carried out Renaissance reconstructions of the castle residence in Český Krumlov, Bechyně, Jindřichův Hradec and Telč. He built a provincial seat, Kratochvíle, for Wilhelm von Rosenberg according to an Italian model. In the 1580\'s he built a monumental building which served as a Jesuit college - Horní no. 154 as well as reconstructing the castle tower (see Castle No. 59 - Castle Tower) in Český Krumlov in Renaissance style. He is highly respected as one of the most significant artist of the Renaissance architecture in the South Bohemia.