Adolf Träger

(1888 - 1965) Painter

Adolf Träger, Český Krumlov Adolf Träger was born in České Budějovice and was one of the founders of modern art and sculpture in South Bohemia. Träger studied at the Academy of Arts in Prague where he was exposed to many works of art of famous painters. He was especially attracted to the French impressionists as well as the paintings of Miloš Jiránek and Antonín Slavíček. He lived permanently in České Budějovice. His dream was to devote his life to painting but at the beginning he became a professor of drawing at a secondary school. Träger loved České Budějovice, the countryside of South Bohemia, the historical town of Český Krumlov and the Vltava river surroundings. His supreme works of art are "The End of Winter in Český Krumlov" and "Spring in Český Krumlov". He also painted still-life with flowers and attractive parts of the country.