Rybářská č. p. 41

Rybářská No. 41

Description of the Building:
One-storey building with a freely decorated facade.

Architectural and Historical Development:
The building is from the 15th century. From this time comes the layout and vaults. The rear tract was probably added in the Baroque period. The facade was classically adapted in the 18th century. The front part of the house is composed of two deep wings, in the right part with an oval barrel vaulted hall with combs. The rear part of the building is lateral without windows, and has lateral, not plastered brick vaults. Classical facade is freely plastered decorated with a volute gable. On the place of a fake window is a picture of Kájovská Madonna. The house was adapted in 1887, 1922, 1937, 1943, 1953 and 1986.

Significant Architectural Features:
A volute gable, a picture of Kájovská Madonna on the facade.

History of the House Residents:
The first known owner of the house at the beginning of the 16th century was a potter, Ambrož, who was in 1532 replaced by a baker, Wolfgang. He occupied the house until 1545, later the house was inhabited by a tanner, Valentin or Vít Steinhauser. From 1588 a bricklayer, Hans Walhen, resided in the house. In the time 1636 - 1662 the house belonged to a shoemaker, Havel Khünzel, after him came a higgler, Matyáš Erdt. His family occupied the house until 1699. During this year Benedikt Lipel moved in, and from 1733 the house belonged to Maxmilian Schmidt. Next, between 1739 - 1785, a butchers trade was conducted in the house, inherited by the Streintz family. They were replaced by a bakery family, Knoll, who occupied the house until the 1840`s. In the 19th century, a brusher, occupied the house. In 1929 the house belonged to a locksmith, and in 1937 a bakery was conducted in the house.

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Stories And Other Interesting Information:
The house is located by the footing of the Plešivec stairs, on the route from Český Krumlov to Kájov, frequented already in the 15th century.

Present Use:
On the ground floor is Restaurant Korida
In the first floor are residential rooms.