Rooseveltova No. 46

Rooseveltova No. 46

Description of the Building :
One-storey building on a hill with modern facade. Modern layout with flat ceilings.

Architectural and Historical Development:
According to archive records, the building was built in 1785. The modern adaptation, according to peoples' memories, was done in 1913.

History of the House Resident:
In 1785 or 1786, Leonard Scheibenreif bought a part of Anna Marie Steyskalová's courtyard from her, and built his own house there. In 1791 Florián Kallistl took over ownership of the house, and after him, two years later, Jakub Chaluper became the owner. His family resided here until 1818. Josef Stifter was then the owner of the house until at least the 1840`s.

Present Use:
Bed and Breakfast - Restaurant Vltavín