Parkán No. 115

Parkán no. 115, view from Parkán Street Location:
Parkán No. 115

Description of the Building:
One-storey building with an almost square layout. It has a non-sectioned and non-symmetrical facade. It was added to the fencing and covered with shingled gable roof. The ridge of the roof is parallel with street. Along the facade by the river is a corridor.

Architectural and Historical Development:
The building was created during the Renaissance period, before 1578 by building onto the town walls. It went through a Classical reconstruction. The left two quarters of the ground floor are vaulted. In the rear wing are three barrel vaulted rooms with semicircular forefronts.

Parkán no.  115, view from the Vltava River History of the House Residents:
In 1578 the house belonged to some Vít, who was replaced in 1582 by Jiří Schram. In 1638 and 1654 the owner of the house was allegedly a court turner, Ondřej Hütter, who might have lived there even longer. In 1675 the house belonged to the Mayer family. Kašpar Mayer, the owner of the house from 1708 - 1714, was a malt maker. A butcher trade was conducted here in 1723 and was inherited by the Hansl family. They occupied the house until 1758. After that Michal Schmal conducted the trade until 1785. We don\'t have any specific information about further owners.

Present Use:
Accommodation Janotová.