Parkán No. 102

Parkán no. 102, view from the Vltava River Location:
Parkán No. 102

Description of the Building:
One-storey building with non-sectioned facade. On the rear facade is a ground floor annex with a terrace, barrel vaulted into oval passes with segmented vaults. Access to the water is through a late Gothic oblong portal with skewed edges, apparently coincidentally used.

Architectural and Historical Development:
The house was created in the Gothic period by joining the two near-by houses and by adding to the Parkán town wall and the town gate. A side wall in the facade was preserved in the height of the entire building. The rear wing was added later, apparently in the Renaissance period. The present image of the house was apparently distinctly influenced by an adaptation during the Classical period. The last reconstruction took place in the middle of the 1990`s.

Significant Architectural Features:
On the ground floor are segmented vaulted ceilings. The rooms upstairs have flat ceilings. After the flaps were removed, original quality hand crafted joist flap ceilings were found. In linkage to the next door building Parkán No. 103, a part of the original wall was discovered. It is in all likelihood a Gothic log-house construction. The cellars are oval barrel or segment vaulted. A Parkan wall has been partially preserved.

Radniční no. 102, corner buffering stones

History of the House Residents:
The first known owner of the house was a colourman, Fenzl, who was replaced by Tomáš Schnell in 1529. In 1536 a cook named Mates resided in the house, and in 1571 a town servant, Kryštof Schlözer, lived there. His family owned the house until 1592, when a furrier, Mert (Martin) Kersten, bought the house. He occupied the house until 1638. That year a butcher, Lorenc Mayer, moved into the house. After him Wolf Knörl or Knüerl lived there. In the time frame of 1668 - 1719, the house was occupied by a butcher, Vít Schmal. One of the next owners was also a butcher, Matyáš Stifter. He owned the house during the time period of 1743 - 1758. Until the end of the 18th century Matyáš Watzl occupied the house. Until the end of the 1830`s Anna and Antonín Rubesch lived there. From 1839 the house belonged to Václav Stolzenthaler.

Present Use:
Restaurant - Bed and Breakfast Parkán

Parkán no. 102, view from Radniční Street