Latrán No. 75

Latrán no. 75, overview Location:
Latrán No. 75

Description of the Building:
Corner modern house.

Architectural and Historical Development:
This is a late Gothic corner house that was built in the fifteenth century. It was modified many times; the front was built during the nineteenth century. The house has an irregular floor plan, only the room with two severies of cross vaulting with groins in the corner of the first floor is of some significance. A few other rooms have barrel vaults. The house was reconstructed after 1843.

Latrán no's.  75 and 76, historical photo History of the House Residents:
A man named Mikuláš owned the house around 1550, followed by Rosenberg foot-soldier Michl. Baker Linhart Tschandl lived here from 1566. At the turn of the century, the house was owned by tin-man Mates Sucher. In 1655, weaver Ondřej Puakner moved into the house, followed by hatter Matyáš Weiner. Gingerbread baker Řehoř Hager or Hogerer, saddler Michal Rager, glass-maker Šebestián Berghőffer lived in the house during the eighteenth century, followed by tailor Šebestián Walter in the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Present Use:
Hardware Shop Miroslav Opekar.