Latrán No. 26, New Town

Latrán no. 26, Nové Město Location:
Latrán No. 26, New Town

Description of the Building:
The main building of this large complex has two stories and a smooth-surfaced facade. On the left side is a quoin hemicycle portal in a tabernacle that constitutes of Tuscany pilasters and entablature with triglyphs leading into the courtyard. On the left side of the courtyard there is a one story building with a cross vault.

Architectural and Historical Development:
The core of the house was built before Renaissance, the main building was reconstructed during Baroque. The courtyard building is probably Classicist (nineteenth century).

Significant Architectural Features:
Especially remarkable is the Renaissance portal leading into the courtyard and some of the rooms with oval and cross vaults (stairway hall and chambers) on the ground floor of the main building and in the courtyard building.

Latrán no. 26, Nové Město, entrance portal

History of the House Residents:
The complex used to be a garden house for the neighboring sixteenth century Rosenberg garden. Before that, there was probably a private house on the plot, which later fell into the hands of the Rosenbergs and was torn down. Eighteenth century records show that this used to be the residence of the prince\'s gardener.

Present Use:
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