Latrán No. 21

Latrán no. 21, overview Location:
Latrán No. 21

Description of the Building:
Three story building with a Neoclassicist irregularly shaped front. There is the Rosenberg coat-of-arms between the second story windows that was used by the last of the Rosenbergs during the second half of the sixteenth century. The position of the coat-of-arms in the crown of laurel is inaccurate, the upper and lower fields have been switched.

Architectural and Historical Development:
This is a late Gothic house that underwent a Renaissance reconstruction during the sixteenth century. It was then that the four-arm stairway with cross vaults and groins was installed. Only the entrance label portal dates back to the early Baroque. Classicist reconstruction changed the house to a certain degree as it removed the vaults on the second and third story. In 1933, the ground floor was modified and the rear building was made higher. The rear gable is a replica of the older gable that was supposed to cover the under-roof space. The right wing is modern.

Significant Architectural Features:
Remarkable is the stairway in the rear right corner, as it reflects in the building\'s mass by its extra height and rich cross vaults with groins. Very interesting are also the rooms on the second and third story, with their cross vaults with caps, groins with caparison decoration on the plasters, with vault imposts. There is a Classicist sunken mirror in the ceiling on the right side of the ground floor.

History of the House Residents:
Burgher Doucha owned the house at the beginning of the sixteenth century. He died in 1528. His was survived by his wife Dorota and sons Bartoloměj and Jakub (Jakeš) who was a brewer and took over the house. When Jakub died in 1568, his wife Barbora lived in the house with their children Adam, Vilém, Markéta and Mariana. Barbora Douchová, a castle laundress, soon moved to the Latrán No. 14 house where her daughter Mariana lived after the death of Barbora\'s husband, the Prague burger Tošanský. Latrán no.  21, historical photo Mason Hans Gosch lived in the house in the beginning of the 1570s, then exchanged it with Rosenberg cook Matouš Rubiček for the Latrán No. 20 house. Around 1580, the house was the property of Rosenberg courtiers Sudkové of Dlouhá. Wilhelm von Rosenberg owned the house in 1592 but exchanged it during this year with Jan Vamberský of Rohated for the Latrán No. 73 house. The family of Jan Vamberský of Rohated owned the house until around 1650. The 1654 registration of houses states that the house is empty. Tanner Michal Zaunmiller moved into the house in 1681. Ondřej Häussl who owned the house from 1729 to 1748 was also a tanner. Tapster Jan Pfleger lived in the house since 1748, followed by baker Ondřej Waldburger in 1753. Tanner František Pinsker lived here from 1787 to 1829.

Present Use:
Baťa shoes.