Latránská Gate

Latránská Gate, Rudolf Thür, drawing from 1914 - 1916 Latránská gate was built near Budějovická Gate. This tower building with its outer stairs, uncovered, originally had three floors. The first evidence of the gate goes back to 1459. In front of the gate a stream ran through a quite wide and deep river bed spanned by a wooden drawbridge. The gate's tower was 24.5 m high. The very narrow and low gate hindered steady traffic in this part of Latrán because larger wagons had to unload part of their goods before going through the gate, load it again. The gate was demolished in 1848 - 1852. In 1848 a flood seriously damaged a part of a street near this gate and also endangered the stability of the whole building.

The outer Latrán Gate viewed from south. Autor: V. Codl The north view of the city and castle - first half of the 19th century. In foreground the Budějovice Gate and the outer Latrán Gate. Autor: V. Codl