Vladimír Müller

(1904 - 1978) Writer, journalist, radio dramatist

He wrote the bibliography of Šimon Lomnický from Budeč called "A Beggar with a Coat-of-arms" (1941). He also used the Rosenberg theme in a short story "A Five-petalled Rose" (1943) with the characters of Peter Wok von Rosenberg, Wilhelm von Rosenberg, their sister Eva, Mikuláš Zrinský, Krčín and other personalities of the court of the Rosenbergs and its extramural settlement. We can distinguish perceptible inspiration from a chronicle of Václav Březan. The character of Jakub Krčín of Jelčany and Sedlčany was represented by Müller in a theatre play called "The Pond Builder Kuba" (1942).