Václav Březan

(1568 - 1618) Rožmberk Chronicler and Librarian

Václav Březan, title page of Biography of Wilhelm von Rosenberg, 16th century After finishing his studies at Hidelberg and Strasburg universities in 1594, he entered the service of Peter Wok von Rosenberg and worked as a clerk in the court office. From 1596 he was entrusted to run the Rosenberg family archives and extensive Rosenberg library. After the Rosenberg´s residence was moved from Český Krumlov to Třeboň in 1602, Václav Březan devoted his time to compiling the "History of the Rosenbergs" ("Historie Rožmberská") where he recorded the history of this family from its beginning to the last Rosenbergs - Wilhelm and Peter Wok. Altogether he wrote five volumes, but only the last two were preserved.