Václav Albín z Helfenburka

(around 1500 - 1577) Chancellor of Rosenberg

Václav Albín of Helfenburk, handwriting and signature

The son of unknown serfs of the Rosenbergs, Albín studied and finished his studies at some university abroad. He appears in a Rosenberg office in 1522. Appointed Rožmberk chancellor in 1539, heremained in that office till his death in 1577. Václav Albín is known as the first famous Rosenberg archivist. He held the keys to the document coffers, and in the 1540\'s he sorted all Rosenberg documents and made an inventory of them. In 1555 he, together with his sons Tomáš and Jan, were taken into gentry. As a wealthy citizen of Český Krumlov, Václav Albín owned Krumlov\'s Náměstí Svornosti no. 4 on the Square, a house in today´s Rooseveltova No. 28 street, a yard called Vlaštovičník (vlaštovka - swallow) and many other smaller properties.


Diary of Václav Albín from Helfenburk