Josef Adam zu Schwarzenberg

(1722 - 1782) Baroque aristocrat

Josef Adam zu Schwarzenberg As did his father, Josef Adam held a very significant post at the emperor´s court and there he could fully develop his interest in arts. Josef Adam is credited with the Baroque reconstruction of the Český Krumlov Castle where he built the castle theatre, winter riding hall and also rebuilt summerhouse Bellarie situated in the castle gardens and the Cloak Bridge that connected the castle with the theatre and gardens. He organised the Masquerade Hall in the castle and renovated the castle chapel of Saint George. Vienna artists such as Josef Lederer, Hans Wetschl, Leo Märkel, Jan Antonín Zinner, Matyáš André or Andreas Altomonte. worked for him. As for local artists, this was for instance František Jakub Prokyš. The Baroque magnate Josef Adam zu Schwarzenberg built a court where arts and culture highly prospered.

Joseph Adam zu Schwarzenberg, equestrian portrait