Jan Zrinský of Seryn

(1568 - 1612) Baroque aristocrat and diplomat

Coat-of-arms of Mikuláš Zrinský from Seryn The last aristocrat who was related to the Rosenberg family was Jan Zrinský Seryn, a son of Miláš Zrinský and Eva of Rosenberg (her maiden name). Eva was the sister of Wilhelm von Rosenberg and Peter Wok von Rosenberg. Peter Wok passed the Rožmberk castle and estates to his nephew Zrinský in 1597 as well as Třeboň and Vyšší Brod after his death because he did not want to let these traditional family estates pass into any foreign ownership. Jan Zrinský of Seryn died childless and quite young in 1612, and so his possession passed over (according to family agreement) to the Rožmberks and the Švamberks in 1484 to friendly Švamberks family.

Jan Zrinský let carry out at his new chateau seat great interior adaptations in mannerism spirit, what was probably related to his marriage with Marie Magdalena of Kolovrat, and that is how originated the valuable painting decoration of co called Knight hall.

Castle Rožmberk nad Vltavou, Knights' Hall, beginning of the 17th century