Jakub Maggi

(died 1706) Builder

Jakub Maggi, document with signature Born in the north of Italy, he became he became a builder at the court of the Schwarzenbergs in 1665. He conducted a baroque reconstruction of the Hluboká castle (1677 - 1698), designed a renovation of a vaulting of the Saint Mikuláš church in České Budějovice (1686 - 1688) and worked on many other constructions. From 1685 to 1687 he baroquified the Český Krumlov castle for the Eggenbergs. In the 1680\'s he repaired the Kratochvíle castle that burned out and rebuilt the church of the Holy Body in the Český Krumlov Minorite monastery. From 1668 to 1692 he owned a house in Hluboká nad Vltavou, in 1685 he also owned a house in Malá Strana in Prague. He was buried in a former Dominican monastery in České Budějovice where his tombstone has been preserved.