Antonín Michael from Ebersbach

(died 1593) Alchemist

Signature of Michael Antonin from Ebbersbach Wilhelm von Rosenberg, , typical Renaissance aristocrat that he was, opened the doors of his court to alchemy and magic. These such alchemists and magicians were supposed to provide the Rosenberg sovereign with enough precious metals, philosophers´ stones, and elixir to keep him healthy and young, and he employed plenty of alchemists on his court like Edward Kelley and John Dee. Antonín Michael from Ebersbach worked in his service for the longest period of time and was entrusted to concoct a miraculous elixir of life. He was also a manager of the Rosenberg´s mines. After Vilem´s death in 1592, Michael\'s career came to a close - he was arrested by the surviving Rožmberk brother Peter Wok von Rosenberg and spent the remainder of his days in the jail at the Český Krumlov castle. There he died in 1593. He lived in his house in Široká no. 77 in Český Krumlov. His tombstone was placed in the wall of the Cross Gallery in the minorite monastery.