Rooseveltova No. 32


Description of the Building:
Two-storey building with Neoclassicist facade. Ground floor layout with flat ceiling premises, on the back with a narrow hall. On the right is a barrel vaulted cellar. The first floor has flat ceilings.

Architectural and Historical Development:
The present appearance of the building is a result of radical adaptation from 1888, when an addition was built on to the 1st floor.

History of the House Residents:
The first known owner of the house was Mariana Nigrinová (1624). Twenty years later, a carpenter, Lorenc Massauer became the owner of the house. In 1656, Řehoř Schinko moved to the house, after whom the house was inherited by Marie Schinková. Shortly after that we meet here an imperial artillery cart builder, Josef Valenta. From 1706 - 1753 the house belonged to the Filip Augl family, followed by Bernard Kreiner. Next from 1776 - 1838 the house was inherited by Neubauer's family. Finally Jana Blahušová owned the house at least until the 1840's.

Present Use:
Bed and Breakfast - Restaurant Landauer