Náměstí Svornosti No. 6

Náměstí Svornosti no. 6, overview Location:
Náměstí Svornosti No. 6

Description of the Building:
This three-story corner building has got an eclectic, front facade which dates to the end of the 19th century. This facade is divided vertically by pilaster masses and horizontally by contoured cornices. In both the lower left and lower right corners of the front of this building, there are two decorative portals with Corinthian style columns.

Architectural and Historical Development:
The Spořitelna building was built in the years 1886-7 on the site where two mid-sized structures (corner building no. 5 and adjacent building no. 6) previously stood. Though from today´s perspective the building seems to have been inappropriately built, as it sits on the square like an object out of place, the construction of the presently-standing three story building occurred in conjunction with the zeitgeist of the end of the 19th century.

Square in Český Krumlov, in the background is Church of St. Vitus with Baroque tower from 1893 , historical photo

History of the House Residents:
Building no. 5 was a two-story structure which was connected with the adjacent building (no. 4) by means of a horizontal arched buttress which ran across Horní Street. Its front facade was similar to the present-day facades of buildings no. 12 and 13. The building was owned in 1504 by a butcher named Mareš, who was a well-respected citizen and town council member, and father of Martin Mareš, who was the parish priest of Český Krumlov. Martin´s sister Alžběta was the wife of the Rosenberg chancellor Václav z Rovného. The next documented owner of the building was Václav Nyndrtom, who was a town council member from the years 1515-1537. Náměstí Svornosti no. 5-6, semi-overview of the facade The building then was inherited by his son Ambrož, who turned it into a beer hall and who lived a somewhat disorderly life. Because of his misconduct, the town council took the building over in 1545 and moved Ambrož to a less desirable location Latrán No. 5. In the year 1545 the owner of the building was shop keeper and town councilor of Krumlov Václav Pergar. In the year 1587, a wine salesman named Mikuláš Pidrson bought the building. Pidrson´s wife Dorota had a romantic affair with the town clerk, Fredrich Litvín, who received a very strict punishment from the court for his actions. Until the year 1639, the building was used as an inn "U Černého Orla" where they brewed beer and served both beer and wine. House no. 6 was a one-story building with Renaissance facade and remnants of a vaulted arcade. In the year 1466, a town butcher lived here. In the beginning of the 16th century, the building belonged to town clerk and administrator, Václav Sýkorov and his wife Anna. The town council sold the building in 1518 to chamberlain, Václav Hodoňský. He later sold the building to chamberlain Jiří Strachotinský from Strachotín, who died in 1560. Strachotínsky´s gravestone, which was once in the oldest cemetery in Český Krumlov, is presently located in the exterior wall of the Church of Saint Vitus, where the cemetery once was. In the beginning of the 1570s, the building belonged to the Rosenberg´s court wine maker Baltazar Rettek. Further owners of the building include, for example, a barrel-maker, and later, the town justice of the peace, and also the Český Krumlov chief magistrate, Kašpar Pergar, who died of the plague in 1598 when "the air was so filled with the plague that the town councillors did not even go to the town hall". The building also served as a wine bar until the year 1654.

Present Use:
Česká spořitelna (Czech Savings Bank)