The Rosenberg Coat-of-arms

The coat-of-arms of the south Bohemian family of Rosenbergs was a symbol of a red five-petalled rose with a golden center in a silver field, as the Lords of Rosenberg were one of the family branches of the Vítkovci family. In 1556 Wilhelm von Rosenberg improved the family coat-of-arms by adding a golden beam with a black snake and alternating red and silver vertical stripes in the lower part of the coat-of-arms. This was a symbol of a royal Italian family, the Orsinis, a family to which the Rosenbergs were allegedly kindred. Two bears as shield-bearers often occupy a place in the coat-of-arms because orsa means bear in Italian. The bears became the emblem animals of the last Rosenbergs and they have been bred in the castle moat since the time of Wilhelm. (see History of bear keeping at Český Krumlov castle).

Coat-of-arms of Wilhelm von Rosenberg Coat-of-arms of Jošt III. von Rosenberg


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