Tomáš Albín (Bílek) from

(died 1575) Rožmberk officer, bishop of Olomouc

A son of the Rožmberk chancellor Václav Albín from Helfenburk he studied in Pisa and Bologna where he eventually graduated from law. He returned to Český Krumlov, most likely born there, and became a Rožmberk officer. In 1555, together with his father and brother Jan, he was taken into gentry. As a wealthy citizen of Český Krumlov he owned a house on Masná no. 129 and a house on the town square Kájovská No. 55. Tomáš Albín was a widower (he had four sons and a daughter), so the man became a cleric. He was soon canonized in Passov, Prague and Olomouc, and later on was a dean of Karlštejn. On 8 March, 1574 he was elected Bishop of Olomouc. He died a year later - he was allegedly poisoned by Jan Filipon Dobrowsky, a dean of Olomouc.